7 The Letterbox Bandit

Final wall
What we had to work with after someone had gone over our previous piece. Considering how high they got they could probably have made more of an effort…

We were up in East end to paint up the wall that we’d done before because you it got tagged up again. Although this time it was a little more tasteful than the word ‘Anus’ and we also didn’t have to fight with any film crews for the space this time either.

The letter box bandit comes from a newspaper article I read about someone who was going around stealing post out of people’s letter boxes. You have to wonder though why you would do such a thing because I know most of the letters I receive are bills or advertising rubbish. There’s hardly ever anything interesting and it just seems a complete waste of time. Supposedly this thief was quite determined though carrying his campaign of thievery on for years. He must of had a list of birthdays because why else would you do it?

Although there wasn’t a picture with the article I was thinking what kind of person would be a letter box bandit and came to the conclusion he would look like some sort of primary school teacher who has nothing better to do with his time after he’s been let out of school at 3 in the afternoon. He’s got a few hours before his wife or friends finish their work and he doesn’t want to spend it in the pub as he’ll just be drunk before anyone gets home, so he decides to embark on a criminal crime wave and become the letter box bandit.




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