14 Head Jam

In the middle of our glorious summer we were invited down to Southsea to have a little paint jam along with Process Smith, My Dog Sighs, Miss Wah and Korp. We got there in good order and got to work on one of pieces with a messy background.

The trouble with pictures with a messy background is that when people are watching you at the start it looks pretty dismal and seems like we have no idea what we’re doing (which is sometimes true but we try not to make it appear so!) It was so shady to begin with that the owner of Head hairdressing where we were painting was more than a little bit worried he’d made a big mistake as he kept glancing out from behind his barber’s chair whilst cutting peoples hair inside. I believe it was his girlfriend who commented ‘I do that when i doodle on the phone’. Doesn’t exactly make us sound like pro’s but we’ve persevered though worse…

At this early stage however it was all about making as much mess as possible and getting a load of paint on before finally bringing it back under control. So after we’d finished making a mess in the way only we know how it was time to bring it together with the ubiquitous sexy girl.

After we finished her though we moved on to other bits around the courtyard whilst at the same time basking in the sun, eating and drinking beer but it wasn’t over yet for this piece. All the artists involvedĀ  then swapped their personal paint hats for their collaborative paint hats and everything started to get tweaked here and there. MyDog Sighs jumped on the wall and gave us a few water droplets for good measure before Process Smith added his dark cloud, lightning bolt and (my favourite touch of the day) his lovely floating goldfish. Then MyDog did one of the fishes eyes whilst Process moved down the wall to paint two majestic looking crows. Whilst he was up a ladder it was unanimously decided that 2 hearts should be put on the crows chests. This took place quickly whilst he was still up the ladder (in case he didn’t agree). Remember it’s easier to seek forgiveness than permission. Here ends the lesson.




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