6 Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm

The quote ‘Anyone can take the helm when the sea is calm’ is attributed to Pubilius Syrus who was a freed Syrian slave writing maxims in Latin in Roman times and apparently making a good living from it.

Although the saying is nautical in nature it is widely applicable to life in general and means that when the sea is calm and times are good anyone can be in charge but when adversity comes calling and storm clouds gather you need a good captain with strong leadership skills to weather the storm. The sea can be a treacherous mistress so I hope there’s a salty old sea dog at the helm…

She’s about 46 x 40cm in size and has been completed using screen printing, stencils and paint pen on a vintage cloth cycling map of the Lake District. I just love working on these old maps…



Title: Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm
Materials: Screen print with acrylic, spray paint and paint
Size: 46 x 40 cm
Still available – please email if interested


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